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thank you for all your awesome comments i know there is many many contreversies with powerdraw being done in ms paint but well i dont argue with that . well for all us you who likes my works im doing something more impossible with ms paint i dont think it would be post up soon cus as you can see it is something that takes a lots of time . english is not my native language french would be so i think there is many mistakes in my sentences sorry for that ..
stay tune !

Nhat vinh ly
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Tifanie Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2005
I really admire your talents and PATIENTs a lot! That MSPaint scenery of yours is very impressive.
You just gave MS Paint a whole new meaning ^_^

P.S. French is your native language? Shouldn't it be Viet? :D
Diamonster Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2005
thank you for your compliment well i grew up with chinese and viet but i barely speak theses languages i speak mostly french after is chinese i guess
Tifanie Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2005
OoOh I see, Ni Hao ! lol. Your name is in viet so I thought your native language is viet or something ^_^
ddeng72 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2005
^^ sorry. I wonder how to make your picture with MS Paint.

if you can explain how to make your picture in detail, answer it... ^^

thanks ^^
ddeng72 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2005
Hi, How are you?

Let me introduce myself as I'm korean and my occupation is internet news reporter.

Actually the reason to remain this comment is I want you to allow your picture that is uploaded by you and made with MS paint

on our news site ( [link] )

"[link]" site is for introducing and announcing lots of photo that is marvelous.

When I saw your picture made with MS Paint, I feel so awesome.

If you allow me to upload and carry your picture on our Internet news site(, that would be very good.

so just remain your comment if you get my proposal after reading this, or send me the e-mail( )

thank you so much for reading this and take care. bye~~ ^^
tangerinewhite32 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh man, I'll be waiting for it! :) *Sits down and gets comfortable*
rangersharitar Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2005
Awesome. If it's anything as amazing as Powedraw... ^^

Good luck with that.
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Submitted on
June 2, 2005