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powerdraw1 by Diamonster powerdraw1 by Diamonster
to all of you i can not say anything else but thank you very very much i very appreciated your comments it makes me feel awesome so i decided to show you how i actually did this powerdraw , this is the first i would say 8 hours i worked on the drawing i used the whole day no break

a little about myself i was noticed very skilled at the age of 5 all the teachers were impressed by my drawing skill and eversince till college no wonder i was always well known for this i guess i was somehow born to draw hehe

i turned myself into a graphist designer because i figured out that you cant no longer lived with a pencil ( own opinion)
oh well im sorry to all of you that i can not reply for all your good comments but i will try my best though and once again thank you thank you so so much and very very apreciated nhat vinh ly
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cthoangsa Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012
It's imagine & i dont know what i can say... :eyepopping:
Or4nges Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010
Might I ask how you blended the colors so well?
SakuNejiGaaraSasu Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2007
Wow, 8 hours? That's pretty quick, especially considering the quality. I'm really amazed how well you can draw with simple tools.
WannabeBelmont Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2005
So, if this only took you about 8 hours, why did the rest of it take 492 hours?
WannabeBelmont Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2006
Ah I get that problem all the time. I look at 2 colors up close and they seem fine, but when I zoom out everthing gets blurry.
Diamonster Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2006
hmm ... if you look closely to the picture you will realise that alias and antialias are totally manually done .. when you get into a very far level of the drawing the tiny little change could take up a few days ... i said about 500 hours but in fact it take more than 1000 hours easily ..
imagine that every pixel have to be placed exactly the right place and to combine with other colors to make your eyes seeing another colors ..
i very appreciated that comment thank you ... i do not reply comment often but i just could nt resist on that one .. lol

nhat vinh ly/diamonster
automatik911 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2016  Student Filmographer
dude 1000 hour! wow! you know, if you can make photo-realistic drawings, maybe ad agencies might be interested in buying your work, imagine no photography travel or camera or touch up costs, they just describe the picture they have in mind, and you give them that exact picture. I had seen an illustrator visit LOWE ad agency in Mumbai when i was a trainee there, he used adobe illustrator to draw 3D looking photo-realistic car shots. When you draw you can make something look even better than a photo of that thing. The illustrations of the car this guy did made the car look better than it was possible to make it look using even the best ligting and photographer. So there, hopefully you will be able to gainfully use this talent in such a kind of place. Best of luck! Again whoa man that's photorealistic! State of the ART!
iceburg9988 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2005
I'm just amazed that you don't use layers on this. SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. You deserve the praise. :D
fateofdesign Featured By Owner May 30, 2005
this is great.
Daemoria Featured By Owner May 30, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
How did you achieve that lense flare effect? It does not look like anything that could be done with MS paint.
PiPE Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2005
Same thing crossed my mind...
Diamonster Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2005
hmm well i downloaded fotoshop and was trying to work with it but did nt know how so i tried many stuff with that new software to me i steped on the lens flare so it gives me many colors ..
so i took differents colors that lens flare gave to me and use them to work on lighten on the watter
Outrospective Featured By Owner May 29, 2005
i admire you for not giving up on this drawing....i think you're the only one the world who does ms paint to make sophesticated paintings....
blackzer0 Featured By Owner May 8, 2005
very interesting!

so how did you manage that gradient effect on the building on the left, in MSpaint?
buzukie- Featured By Owner May 23, 2005
blackzer0 Featured By Owner May 23, 2005
Diamonster Featured By Owner May 9, 2005
ms paint i used costum colors to change colors
mon2x Featured By Owner May 8, 2005 age five? great!! from whom in your family do you think you got those skills from? you're a really good artist! ^______^ :glomp:
thephotogenesis Featured By Owner May 8, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
well very wicked :) good job man!
dchon Featured By Owner May 8, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
I like the mix of detail and the other kind of amateur brushing in this :)
drainingraven Featured By Owner May 8, 2005
i kind of enjoy this unfinished piece...very abstract-ish.
ReducedExposures Featured By Owner May 8, 2005   Photographer
Your VERY welcome.
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May 8, 2005
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